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are the gay guys liking this? because the straight girls really aren't.

Many desi parents are under the impression that there were no “gays” in the motherland until America made it “cool.” Ridiculous. Let’s just not address that right now.

What I find interesting is how homosexuality has weaved its way through Bollywood. Surprisingly tasteful humor about gay guys in Dostana? Impressive. Tastefully done gay kiss in Rules:Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula (ok, so not everyone watched that)? Bollywood seems to be better about depicting gay relationships/intimacy than straight ones. *cough* Emraan Hashmi *cough*

Has everyone seen that Kunal Kapoor video where he’s a piece of meat being harassed by the ladies? I know you’ve seen Shah Rukh Khan’s super-sexed Dard-e-Disco where he is totally enjoying being a sex-object. WTF, India. What is this objectification of the male species? Are all the directors gay? Are men the new women? Because I am totally loving it. I’m all for seeing more of Kunal and less of Kareena. Carry on, Bollywood, carry on.

And because I just love this song: