Top 3 (of 5) Bollywood flicks of Isfahan’s long weekend is the topic for today 🙂

I don’t think Delhi 6 qualifies as “meaningless” but so long as we’re talking Bollywood, I have to share! JUST watched Delhi 6 and have to say that I absolutely adore it. (Sorry if Delhi 6 is old news or you actually hate it…) I thought it was both beautiful and nauseating–precisely how I perceive India in real life. I didn’t have high hopes for yet another Bollywood movie trying to send a message with regards to Hindu-Muslim relations, but this movie not only tackled the issue sensitively but transcended that limited focus. You see how people who love their neighbors like family (in a world where even peaceful coexistence is sometimes just a dream) can turn a 180 when fear sets in, and turn into beasts. Mob mentality is a nasty thing in and of itself, and intolerably worse amongst the superstitious. The progression from love to hate was done well. It was the perfect mechanism by which one could showcase the charm of the motherland as well as its filth. Moreover, it was done in such a way that–at least I personally–did not leave with a disgust for India or the feeling that some people are just “backwards”. In fact, the small town charm still had its effect and I instead wondered how I’d have felt in the shoes of some of those characters given what they grew up learning, given the fact that they hadn’t left their little nook in the world at any point in their lives. You see and hear awful things that come out of ignorance…but you can’t hate the characters for it. Especially when they’re illiterate or just children.

Okay, so I’ve watched this movie maybe too many times but I love it oh so much. Madhuri is her usual perfect self, minus the awkward dancing at the beginning of the movie. Watch it and love it if you haven’t already. The Laila-Majnu play is fantaaaaastic ❤

Dostana I’ve watched before too but it just doesn’t get old. The humor is refreshingly good for a Bollywood movie and has some perfect aww moments. I feel like everyone has seen this movie though, so I won’t bother blabbing about it.

My Name is Khan. Seriously? I read the plot summary, laughed because it sounded like a joke, and still gave it a shot for some odd reason. Didn’t get very far. Blechh.

I had to turn off Dhobi Ghat less than 30 minutes into it because I had to explain to my mother when a one-night stand had taken place. And then explain what a one-night stand was. And then explain that the girl was not really a prostitute and that this wasn’t a rare phenomenon. Anyone know if it’s worth a watch? I think I should pre-screen movies before watching them with my parents.