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“Makeshift Monday” because I got ready to slop something down for all you lovely readers in place of a carefully constructed, proof-read piece. But then I remembered something I have been meaning to share that I hope you love as much as I do, so this isn’t going to be garbage after all. That said, keep in mind that this piece is hardly news to those who know what’s happening in the Desi American sphere but since I have a sparing dose of Desi friends in the middle of nowhere (i.e. the Midwest, and not Chicago) I will pretend like this is as fresh to everyone else as it is to me.Preface: I grew up listening to–and still love to pieces–old school Hindi music and The Beatles. So what would happen if Kishore Kumar was influenced by Western music, The Beatles, and was making sweet jams today? GOLDSPOT. Melodically Desi but (primarily) sung in English. You can check those English ones on YouTube, I’m just going to plug the ones in Hindi because these are kinda my faves. Plus Ina Mina Dika has Aasif Mandvi in it.

This just has better sound quality but isn’t the live, real deal. I’ve had this on replay for days now. I wake up and play tabla to it–a simple taal, but it is basically the best way to start my day.