Okay, finally found the perfect adjective for our Monday segment. Motley. Stickin with it. So I’m super excited about these goodies I’m sharing with you today and I’m gushing like I gushed about J.C. Chasez in 5th grade. Ugh I already regret that analogy.

Anyhoo, CHECK IT:

Are these not beautiful? I love watercolor paintings and I love watercolor prints possibly even more. I don’t typically get this hype about clothes, to be honest. I’m huge on accessorizing and keeping my wardrobe simple–and comfortable. I wish I had a thing for shoes but I don’t. The pretty ones have high heels and they would break my rule of comfort. You can’t have a thing for shoes and only wear flats and flip flops. And prefer to be barefoot.

So I didn’t have much to say about the watercolor print saris besides the fact that they’re awesome and then I let myself ramble, but I wish I could just get that watercolor effect on more of my clothes AND WEAR ART. Googling it. Batik is fun, too–completely forgot that existed. New project! I’ll let you know how that goes. My summer is full of artsy adventures. I’m sure I’ll share results in a future Motley Monday post 🙂