It has been amazing to see the way Amir Khan has evolved himself, from adorable boyish-faced actor to intelligent,  finer-with-age, producer AND director.  For this week’s Motley Monday we celebrate this star, for all of the great Bollywood fun he brings paired with the great empathy we have from his deep stories.  For now, we will focus on the early days of Amir because those too should be remembered!

Remember Amir in Jo Jeeta Woh Sikhandar?  Pehla Nasha.  Loving Amir’s hiked up shirt, and you know the guy who played Ratan in the film was not bad looking at all.  Wonder what happened to him!  One of the songs that makes me get girly to this day!

Oh, and Eh Mere Humsafar from Quyamat se Quyamat Tak.  Beautiful, beautiful use of Urdu!  I loved Juhi Chawla.  Sweetest smile ever.

I still jam to Papa Kehte Hai, and it is your prime “dad” song to sing (next to Mera Beta Fool Fool) also from Quyamat se Quyamat Tak.  This song was to be performed at my brother’s wedding by my brother himself, but could you believe the expensive DJ we hired did not have the song?  What a disappointment.

Yet, the most underrated.  Raja Hindustani, Aye ho Meri Zindagi.  The song’s lyrics are just beautiful (and man I wish I used these words more), especially these:

“Man ka nagar tha khaali/Suhki pari thi daali”

Amir, I know you have now made some big hits after your Lagaan streak and brought a lot of meaning (and some reality) into the storylines of Bollywood, but gosh, you look so good doing it!  I have no issues with Sharukh Khan (I do with Salman for his intense overacting), and the new actors are pretty darn cute, but Amir, you hold the refined and mature sexiness that a girl in her twenty somethings (like myself) cherishes!