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Dear Wheatish readers, I’m back to blogging after a much too long sabbatical. Of course, in my absence I have kept up with the posts from my fellow BGChroniclers. Brilliant stuff!  I have to say however, I’m ecstatic to get back to the blogosphere. Now on to a huge trend this summer, bright make up looks (lips and eyes) and how to make it work for us brown girls.

I am not a make up whiz by any means, and my go-to look generally consists of concealer, powder, and winged black kajal. However, recently on a whim I purchased a few products to play with and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them, and well, I feel like an absolute rockstar wearing them. I’ve been telling my desi girlfriends to experiment with colors too, and am now passing on this newfound wisdom to Wheatish followers.

For your pucker –

Red Lips

Aishwarya Rai

Ever since I can remember, I have shied away from red lipstick because of a mental image of  aunties in kathan saris wearing it as a staple to every party and the (very wrong) idea that it looked garish on brown skin tones. In fact I find many desi women avoid experimenting with color for fear of it looking tacky, or even unseemly for a girl to wear such loud colors. Shed those fears my friends, if you want to experiment with bold colors you should go for it! It can be overwhelming to find which shade flatters your skin tone perfectly, so I suggest going to a department store, MAC, or Sephora and asking to try out some different colors. However after some trial and error, my personal weapon of choice  is MAC’s Russian Red (retails for $14.50). It is a matte finish (not glossy or shiny) which is rare for lipsticks, and I think it makes the look much more wearable. Try it. Love it. I’ve loaned it out to plenty of my friends before a night out and it has looked amazing on every single one of them.

Me wearing Russian Red (I need a manicure...I know)

Fuchsia Lips

M.I.A. (I envy her style)

Like a red lip, this color choice is bold, maybe even bolder because it is also unexpected. Precisely the reason I like it so much. If you’re scared to try it, just buy a drugstore brand. CVS will refund your money if you buy a product and you don’t like it – no risk. This is a color I would wear on a night out on the town, or to a concert – somewhere I wouldn’t mind drawing some attention! I am enchanted with Covergirl Spellbound (see what I did there?), and I bought it for $5.79 at the Walgreens right by my house. I am not a make up snob, I don’t know enough about make up to be snobbish quite honestly, but I will say the quality of Covergirl’s Lip Perfection line is up there with MAC lipsticks. Spellbound goes on smoothly and doesn’t come off easily. In fact that would be the only drawback, you have to rub your lips raw to get every bit of it off at the end of the night. Heh. Small price to pay I think for an inexpensive drugstore brand.

Me wearing Spellbound

For your peepers –

I generally have no idea what to do beyond loads of black eyeliner when it comes to eye make up so I consulted my friend Bushra, who is a self-taught make up genius (check out her youtube channel – midgetmakeup) Her suggestions are:



“Since most of us have brown eyes, blue  is the color to go with. Most of us don’t reach for it because it’s so bright but it makes brown eyes look warmer and lightens them up. It is the one color that we can always pull off and no one seems to try. As always, a good primer like Urban Decay’s primer potion makes even the cheapest eye shadows show up true to color and makes it last a lot longer.”


Thandie Newton

“A nice lavender or medium purple looks great and a jewel tone green looks lovely as well. Normally you want to go with a color your eyes are not to make them stand out more. We are lucky to have dark lashes so we can skip mascara on a daily basis but if we put it on I always curl the lashes first and after putting on the mascara. I feel like doing it before and after really makes them stand out.”

My two cents, if you don’t want to reach for the eyeshadow just yet, you can always buy colorful eyeliner. It is a bit more subdued (and requires much less skill) yet adds a pop of color.

Leona Lewis in metallic green eyeliner

Rihanna with bold blue eyeliner

There aren’t too many women of South Asian descent in the spotlight (yet) that we can look to for style inspiration. It can be difficult to branch out and try different things when we don’t have people that look like us blazing a trail. When I am looking for make up ideas I can generally count on Rihanna and M.I.A. to not disappoint. They’re bold, beautiful, and even if I may not think they always look on point, I always find great inspiration in their confidence and swag.

Before I end this post, I just want to give you ladies an obvious reminder, that if you choose to go bold (please do!) remember to emphasize either your eyes or lips. If you do both you may end up looking quite whack.

A look that is totally fine if you are "Her Minajesty", but for the rest of us plebes...uh, no.