It has always been quite fun to realize when songs from South Asia were totally ripping off of each other’s beats, or borrowing (whatever you would like to call it).  Sometimes, I would laugh at myself when I only knew the Desi beat, but then realize it was ripped from an American beat or an Arabic beat.  Here’s some examples.

Ya Ali – From the movie Gangster, with annoying serial kisser Imran Hashmi – ew.

Here is the Arabic version (the original) from Guitara, same name.

Here is a Pakistani song by Sajjad Ali called Babya:

Of course, the beat totally came from Cheb Khalid from Algeria (now Khalid because he is not so young anymore – synonymous to how Lil Bow Wow, just became Bow Wow)

Turning to parodies of borrowed beats that we can all watch on Youtube, from Drop it Like a Fob or Welcome to India there is one that has no South Asians in it.  Funny Indian Lady introduced me to a wonderful “American” interpretation of Punjabi Daler Mendhi’s Tunak Tunak Tun (the video where he replicates and tries to use really cheesy graphics).  This does not necessarily have to do with what I have shown above, but some more showcase of borrowing and interpretation of songs cross-culturally, just more humorous!

Here is the Daler Mendhi video:

And, then there’s the great video of the high school boys with maybe too much time on their hand, but nevertheless they at least produced something awesomely hilarious in that spare time!  They call it Tunak Tunak Tun – Caucasian-ish version (they say the -ish probably because of the one non-Caucasian boy in their video).  Their title, not mine.

I love their goofy robes and insane nerd aura, as well as their way of using Suburbia type settings to make the video.  Great times!

Anyway, keeping this short because these are what I can think of at the top of my head.  I know there was a song from Akele Hum Akele Tum called Aisa Zakham Diya Hai that I just recently found out through a karaoke experience ripped it’s beat from an English-language song.  If anybody knows what it is, please be sure to comment below!  Oh, the things I constantly learn.

Happy Monday, readers.  Hope this gave you a small laugh in your Monday blues.