For this week’s Motley Monday, I wanted to review my top 5 Bhangra pop songs/music videos of all time and one artist shone brightly through my mottled mind.

The ONE and ONLY Daler Mehndi.

I have admired this supremely talented man since the day I knew the meaning of Bhangra.  Forget Singh is King…I say Mehndi is King…The King of Bhangra!

5.  Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehndi

The video for this popular number is a MUST WATCH!  Can’t get enough of one Daler? No problem, in this video, you can watch several Dalers adorned in velvet robes of myriad colours, performing the cutest little dance moves.  I think he definitely made a fashion statement with this one!  Here is the video and Daler in all his glory.  Enjoy the special effects! 🙂

4.  Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra by Daler Mehndi

Haiyo Rabba, haiyyo rabba, haiyyo rabba! I first heard this phrase in this song.  The makers of this video have recreated a sort of celebratory scene from the culturally rich land of Punjab.  You have Sikh men and women showcasing their culture by performing Bhangra in a barn, a dhaaba (a small restaurant) and also a mustard field.  Can’t get more fun than this one!  Once again Daler shines with his fashion sense and overall charisma!

3.  Ho Jayegi Balle Balle by Daler Mehndi

I love music videos with storylines.  Watch the enigmatic Mehndi steal the Kudi from right under the nose of her very beefy boyfriend.  Daler excels in his trademark dance steps.

2.  Ishq by Sukhbir

Okay if Daler is King, then Sukhbir is Prince.  I think he deserves a spot on this list for his immensely popular ‘Ishq tera tadpave’!  What a song yaar!  In night clubs in India, the crowd still goes WILD when the DJ plays this song.  It is a definite wedding playlist must-have! The video features some very talented dancers having a dance-off in a warehouse or something. Check it out!

1.  Dardi Rab RaB Kardi by Daler Mehndi

This song holds a special place in my heart.  A guy I had a crush on when I was very young sang this song at a dinner get-together.  Little known to my parents I was secretly admiring this cutie from a corner. 🙂  I suppose not much has changed since then.  I mean I have no idea where this childhood crush of mine is but I would love it if someone crooned for me…

“….Teri Jaisiiiiiii…..Koi Nahin- Koi Nahin- Koi Nahin.”