I remember when visiting Pakistan in 2005, and it had almost been about 3 years since I visited.  My cousins pointed something out to me that made them giggle: my kameez (literal translation: tunic) was too long over my shalwar (literal translation: baggy pants or not so baggy).  I never thought any of this mattered, but then when walking around that summer it did.  However, it was nice to know that all I needed to do was cut my kameezes to make them into “choti kameez” (small tunics), and I was ready to go.  What I found strange, but eventually enjoyed was these choti kameezes on “patiala shalwars” (a punjabi styled pant that is even more baggy than a typical shalwar).

Now, I never enjoyed kameezes that were too short, such as this one below.  I really felt it was tacky, and frankly, it looked better as a “kurti” on a pair of jeans or normal trousers than as an entire matching outfit.

Looks like a Pair of PJ’s

Today, the choti kameez is mostly out, and it is back to lambi kameez (long tunic) (bummer, now I cannot wear the shalwar kameezes I had altered short), but it is so long that it might as well be a dress.


I like these but not when they make one’s body look like a colorful big bird.

“Colorful Big Bird”

I just feel like for a girl with a smaller frame, the above outfit would envelop her figure too much and swallow her.  Maybe a wonderful maternal outfit?  Even then, I feel like a mom-to-be would be too swallowed.

Anyways, this post is inspired by a small conversation Ifsahan and I had about the transition from long to short kameezes.  Personally, I enjoy both, but I always deep down enjoyed my kameezes below my knees.  I did not have that fear of the slits going above my hips and embarrassing fat pinches showing through.  That’s just me, at least.

Here’s to another week of health, prosperity, and productivity (except on Monday)!