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I have been sitting in my chair for several hours now, looking over my notes for  Molecular Genetics and all of a sudden I feel like my spine is about to give way.  So of course my mottled mind started racing as I wondered about the long term effects of  improper ergonomic practices on my poor back.  Then I did some reading on what bad posture could do to one’s back and spine and some of the stuff I read caused me to freak out slightly.  (But please….you don’t have to freak out.  I have been told I have hypochondriac tendencies and I’ll admit that I worry a little more than say my next door neighbour, about my health and the physical condition of my loved ones.)

So anyway, I had to do something to mitigate my back pain and I took a break to perform some of my favourite yoga exercises…..all in the comfort of my own room!  These are the few I did and they are super easy but very effective.  Of course, I assume you are the best judge of your body and will not take my word for it.  It is always best to research carefully on your own before you attempt a new exercise (but you already knew that).  I haven’t listed the technique for the poses but information regarding each pose can be very easily obtained from various sources on the internet.

I first attempted the Cat pose or the Bidalasana which works great as a gentle spine massage.  I learned this asana several years ago while studying for an important exam and believe you me, it reeeallly helps curb stress while relaxing your back muscles and your spine of course.

Then I moved on to The bow pose or the Dhanurasana.  You are the human bow (a powerful weapon if you may please) and this asana counteracts or balances the cat pose you just performed.  It stretches out your muscle in a more concave fashion and in my opinion improves the flexibility of your back if done consistently and carefully.

Next, I stood tall on my two feet and performed The Mountain pose or the Tadasana.  This pose is meant to stretch out your spinal cord and is actually beneficial for the muscles of the arms, shoulders and the neck as well.  Feel the tension in the muscles of your back melt away with this incredibly easy asana!

Finally, my fourth exercise was the Child’s pose or the Balasana.  This is a restful pose and a nice way to end your little yoga session for your back.  This pose will also let you  focus on your breathing and help to clear your messy mind slate.

Thus with me you have just completed a yoga session where you transformed your body with each pose.  You allowed yourself to feel as lithe as a cat, as firm as a bow, as formidable as a mountain and as vulnerable as a child.  I think you did your back a great favour (if you did those exercises correctly) and you can now go about your daily routine.  I’ll head back to Molecular Genetics now that I’m feelin’ real chipper!

Happy last week of September everyone!