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While today’s Motley Monday may not be extremely “South Asian” in nature (and we really do not have to be restricted to that just because of our blog name), I present a Top 10 hodgepodge of some fun facts/tips/general things you should know about a woman’s period/that time of month/menstrual pain and everything else that comes with nature’s way of saying hello.  It is nothing scientific, just mostly the social aspects surrounding a girl’s period.  Yes, I know, ew.  Why talk about such a gross event?  Because it takes up almost a half of our lives, so darn straight it is important.  Well, here goes.

1.) All women do not react to “that time” the same way.  Some do not even get the typical symptoms of PMS (lucky b’s).  However, there are many who do, so next time, before saying “That woman doesn’t get all cranky”, please realize the human body is more complicated than that.

2.) It really is not smart to tell a woman (especially if she’s your significant other) she’s having that “time of month”.  If she truly is having it, she knows it.  No reminders needed.  Just be patient.

3.) That time also makes any woman, regardless of her body weight, feel horrible in her appearance.  It is not self-loathing or lack of confidence, it just “blah”.

4.) Most women (at least if you are like me) own a pair of “that time of month” jeans and clothes.  We just want to disappear in those clothes and feel like not a small inch of our fat is visible (or at least whatever is in our head about our body image).

5.) As Desi women, many of us have been forbidden from tampons (mostly pertaining to a belief that virginity is somehow lost with one).  It takes a lot of courage to get over that and finally use them.  Some of us never get over it, so non-Desi friends, please do not laugh.

6.) For many, situations really look way worse than they really are.  People seem meaner.  Everything is more annoying than it really should be.  Life is an alternate universe, but   please understand, it is not permanent.

7.) PMS or premenstrual syndrome, at least in my belief, is questionable.  Though the concept seems to be a very American one, perhaps it is nicer if women were not reduced to a “medical condition”, and if that time of month was simply addressed as a natural course of the body (along with all of the hormonal emotions it brings). Of course, I am not questioning PMDD.  That sh** is real.

8.) Please, don’t just tell us to take birth control to make our periods go away (unless the problem is medically serious).  Some of us may not want to inject so much estrogen in our bodies.  So, we just deal.

9.) It is scary to think of how our mothers and women in the past dealt with their periods.  As much as we freak out about them, innovation has allowed us to still be on the go without being so inhibited.  Thank you, dear inventors and powers that made the absorbent cotton and other strong fiber goods happen.

10.) Though this is extremely silly, the idea of a period mix is awesome!  If you have seen No Strings Attached starring (my woman crush) Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.  You know what I mean.  I provide a video clip below.

The period  mix from the movie sounds great, but I would love to add some more tracks, including: Lady in Red by Chris DeBurgh, On the Flow by Ludacris, and any others that eventually come to me.  Feel free to chime in if you can think of others.  My creative juices aren’t too wonderful on this – no pun intended :).