I was so excited that maybe I was the first to coin the term….but alas, ‘Googling’ showed me otherwise.   Diwali celebrations coincided with Halloween this weekend and it was awesome!  I was part of a team that organized a Diwali event on campus yesterday.
Can I just say how excited I was at seeing ghouls at our event, freely mingling with the uncles, aunties and babies!
Next year, I will host a Halloween party, and club it with a Diwali celebration of sorts.  I will send out invitations two weeks prior to the event that will read something like, “Come dressed in your scariest Desi costume.”

Halloween night


What are some scary Desi costumes though?  I will not restrict this event to desi folk, so I will expect a lot of Gandhi costumes.  Anyway, I think it’d be fun to do a combined celebration of the two festivals.  I understand they symbolize two diametrically opposite things; you have life and light versus death and morbidity.     I’d rather people not delve too much into why I combined both events into one.  I just want to have fun!  If you have any fun ideas for the above concept, please

share.  But remember, I have dibs on Bappi Lahiri costumes.

Bappi Lahiri (The above costume is taken)