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Tapori: Hindi for thug, rogue, rowdy person.

This post is mostly to help my friend and fellow blogger Sabadabbadoo get a handle on some Tapori Hindi, before she makes her trip down to Mumbai in less than a month! The phrases below are the ones I think will be of most use to her as she navigates through Mumbai’s crowded streets, trying to dodge crooks and tricksters. I will provide a few phrases she could use based on likely situations she may find herself in.

Aamir Khan pulled off a brilliant Tapori in Rangeela. I can say that some modern day Taporis still look like Aamir here on the left.

1. ‘Chal Khisak’- This literally translates to “Get lost!”

This she will use when persistent peddlers follow her ‘ABCD’ self to try and sell her cheap and useless commodities at exorbitant prices.

2. ‘Apun ko shendi mat laga, shaane’- This means “Don’t try to trick me, you smart ass!”

Once again, a phrase of immense use that will help her keep greedy salespersons in line.

3. “Duu kya Kharcha Paani”- “Shall I beat you up!”

Powerful….to say the least.

4. This one Saba may not use but in case she happens to spot Milind Soman, Arjun Rampal or some other hottie, she can say “Kya Chikna hai re! Khopche mein chal na!” as in “What a good looking guy you are, let’s go find a nice corner!”

Alternatively Saba, if some shady element tries to lure you into a ‘Khopcha’ or a corner please run in the opposite direction!

Arjun Rampal is a beautiful man and qualifies as a 'Chikna'

5. When a ‘Road side romeo’ aka local cheapo/street pervert tries to hit on her, he is ‘Line Marofying’ and to that Saba will say “Abbe saale, line maar raha hai? Ghar mein Maa Behen nahin hain kya.”
That translates to “You ass…trying to hit on me are you? Don’t you have a mother or sisters at home!”

After this little tutorial, I believe Saba is set and prepared to take on her Mumbai adventures. Of course, I will be there to guide her, but this will keep her going for now. ☺