On April 2nd, 2011 India became the Cricket World Cup champions after defeating Sri Lanka in a very close and intense match.  The team had done its country so proud! It seems however, that within a few months of any major accomplishment, Team India suffers a miserable low.
It’s been a while since I have followed an entire Test series and unfortunately it had to be the India tour of Australia series, because I watched Team India fall and humiliate itself not once but three times!  Of course, so much has been said in the news these past few days on this topic and hopefully the cricketers will take note of the expert advice imparted by some of the former cricketers and improve their game in the fourth and final test at Adelaide.  One can only hope.  As of now the sad truth is that we are the Cricket world champions, but only in India.

Rahul Dravid out bowled

On that note….Have a HAPPY week!