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the woman looks like a ninja. excellent.

Okay, I kinda love this actually. It’s interesting.

the color, the femininity, the simplicity…i love this.

honestly, this looks like a sad imitation of a facade of the Taj Mahal. idonlikeit. but what do I know.

We have…seen plenty of India-inspired stuffs of the Bohemian variety in recent years. Vibrant sari prints, use of Hindu deities on  flip-flops (to the fury of many) and clothing, so on and so forth. So we’ve covered the Desi woman and we’ve covered the tacky and distasteful. But who’s drawn inspiration from Desi attire for men? Recently, Karl Lagerfeld. Read more on his thoughts here. And check out the gallery I linked you guys to earlier. 

I know nothing about fashion and I don’t care so much about pretty clothes or shoes as other girls might. BUT Chanel just gave a very expensive shout-out to India, and I think that ought to make the cut on Wheatish!