My pseudonym, Isfahan, is the name of a city that was once the glorious capital of Persia. Referred to as nesf-e-jahan, or half the world, Isfahan was teeming with culture and diversity. I think it  sounds lovely and represents something even lovelier. I love empires and epic civilizations of the past. My academic obsessions include: literature, religion, and numerous flavors of science. My recipe for happiness? The five C’s: cheese, chocolate, children, cuddles, and clovers (grass is such a weed). I splurge only on eyeliner, lip/nail products of that perfect shade of coral, and delicious foods.

I love the saying, “there are as many religions as there are people”. My personal religious views have been extensively shaped by Vedanta, the literary fruits of Sufism and Deism, and naturally the flavor of Hinduism I was brought up with in a Vaishnava Brahmin household. The Dalai Lama is my fave. What else? I’m currently reigniting my love for tabla and developing a love for making truffles. So that’s me, a current graduate student  desperate for knowledge of all types but getting closer to that point where I need to buckle down and choose. Sort of.


Hello universe, Saba here (oh if my “pseudonym” was not so obvious!). I am not from the deep heart of Texas because that would entail trying not to shoot myself while passing by a sign on the highway with Obama’s picture and a caption: “socialist in action”.   Nevertheless, I am still a Texan and proud of it (yes, we are very special).  I deeply enjoy traveling (especially the foodie part), and will usually find some reason to country hop given time and money constraints.  As a child of Pakistani immigrants, I’ve spent a good amount of my youth rebelling against and questioning norms, and perhaps this is why I have cared so much about social issues in the South Asian community both in the U.S. and abroad.

I am a self-proclaimed Gleek, walking-Antakshari-Bollywood fanatic, avid swimmer, book reader, tweeter (do follow @sabadabbadoo), policy wonk wannabe, and outdoorsy (who still appreciates showers and amenities), future trophy wife (kidding, but probably because of my love for cooking nice meals), sweaty yoga enthusiast.  I am passionate about issues surrounding gender equality and marginalized groups.   To some of my friends, this seems quite depressing, but I am usually good about keeping my depressive issues meter balanced so as not to kill happy moments.  I am an idealist, but I also have a strong head on my shoulders because I believe empowering others must come with some pragmatism.  I am always evolving, but at this point, my evolving rate is just “chillaxing”.  Good times.


My name is Gitanjali. I rep Bangladesh and the dirty South although I was born in New York. I double majored in English and Political Science although I’m hard pressed to figure out how my degrees will land me Anthony Bourdain’s job.

Blogging for Wheatish has reignited my love for writing, and I write about things that hit close to home for me. I spent years alienating myself from the unsavory parts of my roots, wrinkling my nose at archaic mindsets and traditions. I still do, but I believe it is better to advocate for change than to excommunicate myself. I’m finding my way back slowly to the rich parts of my culture that I love, will always love, and that will always be a part of me.

My interests? I enjoy hiking and exploring nature. I love all TV, the good, the bad, and the Jersey Shore. I am a literary gangster (okay – bookworm) and all around nerd.  Tagore and Gibran are my favorites. I slum it with Stephanie Meyer when I want to fry my brain. I worship at the altar of Anderson Cooper. My heart races at the thought of exotic travel, delectable foods, and the prospect of adventure. That about sums it up!


Hey there! I’m Apu, a.k.a Funny Indian Lady.  I write for Wheatish because sometimes when my mind is racing with all kinds of crazy thoughts, I feel the need to arrange those thoughts in text format.  I enjoy many beautiful things in this world such as the company of my wonderful family and fabulous friends, new dresses, motion pictures, green tea, running in cool weather, city life, a peaceful village, a quiet river, mochi, puppies and kayaks.  Welcome to Wheatish! I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂


4 thoughts on “Authors”

  1. Hi ladies!
    Just wondering if I could do a guest post at some point. I actually have something Desi & relevant to discuss, unlike on my personal blog 🙂

  2. Merle Urquijo said:

    A social issue (also called a social ill or a social problem) is an issue that relates to society’s perception of people’s personal lives. Different societies have different perceptions and what may be normal behaviour in one society may be a significant social issue in another society. Social issues are distinguished from economic issues. ;

    Have a look at our own blog site as well

  3. Hey girls, I cannot thank you for enough for this blog! As an Indian- Australian 18 y/o, the struggle has been real these last few years, very very real. Discovering this blog has made me realise that I am not the only one and it will be okay. Thankyou so much for providing hope, insight and an escape for desi girls everywhere. Love your work

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