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  1. Aarakshan: Caste and Quotas
  2. Adulthood. Are we there yet?
  3. “All is safe with a lady engaged; no harm can be done.” Jane Austen
  4. Amitabh Bachchan in The Great Gatsby
  5. Apologies, Friends
  6. Baby Fever, Desi Style
  7. Backtracking from “Cultured” to “Whitewashed”
  8. Break up?  You just wasted your precious baby-making years.
  9. #BrownGirlProblems
  10. #CanWeTalkAboutThis
  11. Career Pariahs
  12. The Caste System
  13. Celebrating the Awkward Years
  14. Chanel Pays Homage to India
  15. A “Cocktail”of  Reinforced Double Standards in India
  16. Comic Books: From Amar Chitra Katha to Marvel
  17. Competitive Intolerance (& Hindu Apologists?)
  18. Crossing the Taboo Vortex: The Birds and The Bees
  19. Dappan Koothu and a Dose of Rajnikanth
  20. Desi Bitches
  21. Desi Parents Keepin it Real. Too Real.
  22. The Desi Brother
  23. The Desi Black Omen: Not Being “Normal”
  24. Desi Disintegration
  25. Desis & Homosexuality
  26. Desi Rishtas 4Lyfe
  27. Ek Main aur Ekk Tu
  28. Epiphany…
  29. The Evolution of Bollywood Love/Sex
  30. Fair and Lovely, Fair and Handsome
  31. From the Kitchen Shelf to Your Medicine Cabinet
  32. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Desi Style.
  33. Happy Ramadan!
  34. Hinna Rabbani Khar: and Not-So-Sure Optimism
  35. Hindu? If You Say So
  36. Hinduism Evolved
  37. The Hindu Right and Anti-Muslim Sentiments: Let’s Back Up
  38. The Hindu Right, Feminism, and Females
  39. Human Anatomy for Dummies (techies)
  40. I Am Thankful for Vidya!
  41. Identity Crisis
  42. Identity Politics
  43. “If You Disagree with Me, then You Disagree with Allah”
  44. I’ll have what my parents had: All love, no religious conflict.
  45. Incredible India, or rather, Imagined India
  46. “Indian Girl: Still Single and Spirited”
  47. Indo-Mexican
  48. In Two Minds
  49. Keeping it Real
  50. A Letter to Amanat
  51. A Little Pick-Me-Up
  52. Makeshift Monday: Goldspot
  53. Marriage Beyond “Biodata”
  54. Married/Unmarried Ageism Dichotomy
  55. Meaningless Monday: behind on bollywood
  56. Meaningless Monday: kalidars and anarkalis
  57. Misogyny at its Finest
  58. Motley Monday: 5 Tips for The Still Feeling Unseasoned Traveler
  59. Motley Monday: 90s Desi “Amreekan” Nostalgia
  60. Motley Monday: Akshay Kumar as a Ninja
  61. Motley Monday: Amitabh Bachchan Back to Good Health
  62. Motley Monday: Bollywood Meets Top 40 Pop
  63. Motley Monday: Borrowing Beats
  64. Motley Monday: Bunty & Bubbly Tuesday
  65. Motley Monday: Champions at home
  66. Motley Monday: Daring Pakistani Faces of Music
  67. Motley Monday: Delhi Belly
  68. Motley Monday: Desi College Campus Groovin’
  69. Motley Monday: Facebook Hate Mongering – The Case of Asma Jahangir
  70. Motley Monday: Got your back?
  71. Motley Monday: Happy Diwalloween!
  72. Motley Monday: Jeff Buckley on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  73. Motley Monday: Kameezing from Short to Long
  74. Motley Monday: Liberal and Conservative Morality
  75. Motley Monday: My Bhangra Classics
  76. Motley Monday: “Nadia Al Sakkaf, See Yemen Through My Eyes”
  77. Motley Monday: Nail Cutter, Weapon of Choice
  78. Motley Monday: Netflix Foreign Film Exploration
  79. Motley Monday: old school Aamir Khan
  80. Motley Monday: Once Upon a Time in Mumbai
  81. Motley Monday: Shubh Navratri
  82. Motley Monday: Sita Sings the Blues
  83. Motley Monday: South Indians and Sufism
  84. Motley Monday:  Tapori Speech 101
  85. Motley Monday: “That Time of Month”
  86. Motley Monday: Things I Would Tell My Younger Self
  87. Motley Monday: Two Mangoes
  88. Motley Monday: watercolor prints
  89. Motley Monday: where are those Pakistani musicians now?
  90. Motley Monday: Why this Kolaveri Di?
  91. Motley Monday: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara…a Feminist Heroine and Other Musings
  92. My Mother Just Asked Permission To Take Over My Love Life
  93. My Ode to Traveling
  94. On Barfi and Unrequited Love
  95. Partition: From The Motherland to The Melting Pots
  96. Please, Karachi Mayhemers – Don’t Shoot The “Doodh-Patti” Chai
  97. Political Hindu
  98. The Politics of Kinship
  99. The Potentially Gay Brother
  100. R^3 = Raj Rajesh Rajendra
  101. Rebellion is in my blood, etched into my DNA, and the moment I stopped resisting this truth, I was free.
  102. Regarding The Touchy Feelies (NSFW)
  103. Relationships and Such
  104. Salaam Bombay
  105. Satyamev Jayate
  106. Sigh
  107. “Silence is the Language of God, All Else is Poor Translation”
  108. “Sinners” Deserve What They Get
  109. Slut Shaming – Contextualizing the BuzzWord
  110. South Asian ≠ Less Muslim
  111. Spiritual Tourism – New Age Orientalism?
  112. Summer Makeup: Playing with Color
  113. Tepid Tuesday: Pre-Med because of Parents?
  114. Tirupati: The World’s Richest Temple
  115. What’s the Use of Stories that Aren’t True?
  116. What Would Tim Tebow Do?
  117. Woe is Me

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