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This Motley Monday is kind of a precursor to my next post (actually the first of a series of three related posts) so I hope you watch the following video and read the following article if you are unfamiliar with “Sita Sings the Blues”.

I won’t make any specific opinions so you can over-analyze for yourself, but suffice it to say that my next post will be on “Competitive Intolerance and Hindu Apologists”. This post will then be followed by “Political Hindu”.  Yeah, I know, I’m getting a little overzealous…it’s just blog buildup after disappearing for months. These are issues that I care about deeply and increasingly, so my blog trilogy is necessary for me, but I additionally hope that you find some food for thought in my upcoming word vomit. Happy Monday 🙂

Reeeead! Newsweek: Animated Film Roils Hindus in Queens